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Company Profile

Mutiara Carpets / Permai Carpets is a Malaysian owned company, with 25 years experience in the flooring industry. Our carpet ranges include 100% wool, wool blends and polypropylene carpets in contemporary styles that, suit residential and commercial requirements.

Wide Range of Futsal Turf & Netting

Ranging from 10mm > 50mm thickness Perimeter Netting – Ranging from 6ply to 8ply

Axminster & Wilton

Constructed with 80% wool and 20% nylon, Axminster & Wilton are relatively exclusive, and are ideal for the use in hotel or leisure environments. Custom design and order are available pertaining to specification.

Graphic / Cut Loop

The brilliant colors and patterns reflect a unique sense of style. Design that will enhance your space with taste and create a more presentable working environment.

Specialist In

Wall to wall carpeting, Futsal turf and netting,
Window blinds (vertical, Venetian, bamboo, roler),
Wall paper and carpet binding (edging)